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FPSPI Scenario Handbook - Scenario Writing & Scenario Performance

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Indispensable manual designed to help teachers effectively guide students in writing and performing scenarios. (5th edition, 2018)


Scenario Performance is a story-telling competition in which students develop and submit short videos personally orating a short story.  Students compete individually, telling a creative, entertaining and futuristic story related to one of the three annual FPS topics.

Scenario Performance can be used as a stand-alone activity by the FPS coach, drama/debating teacher, parent, or any instructor with students interested in creative narrative.

Scenario Performance is ideally suited to students who prefer oral communication to showcase their creativity and may complement participation in Global Issues Problem Solving or Scenario Writing

Why Scenario Performance?

Designed to sustain oral storytelling traditions, Scenario Performance is ideally suited to students who prefer to showcase their creativity through verbal communication.

Scenario Performance encourages students to enlarge ideas, enrich personal style, and bring to life potential images of the future.

Scenario Performance students choose one of three FPS annual topics to make a prediction of the future (20-30 years from now) and perform as though the future were the present. Futuristic concepts and trends are incorporated into the story, but a specific date is not required. 

The Performance is not written out in full; it is 'told', and should be more 'natural' and 'spontaneous' in nature. Whether presented for the camera or in front of a live audience, Performances should be creative and entertaining.

Scenario Performances emphasise the story itself and the characters within the scenario. Well-developed, engaging characters, intriguing plot lines, and captivating settings make for exemplary Performances. The ability to sing, dance, or act is more appropriately employed in the theatre or drama club than in a Scenario Performance. 

How many students can participate and how do they complete?

Schools register individual students in one of the following divisions – Junior (Years 5 and 6), Middle (Years 7 to 9) and Senior (Years 10 to 12).

Registration entitles an individual student to two evaluations. The first trial Scenario Performance is submitted in May and is non-competitive. The Performance is evaluated using an authentic rubric-based process, providing students with direct feedback on use of voice and audience awareness, among other elements, providing tools for continuous growth. 

The second Performance, due in August, is competitive and may be a revision of the first Performance or an entirely new Performance.  Invitations to the National Finals are based on the students Performance in the competitive submission. 

Prior to submission, coaches may make general suggestions for improvement. However, each Performance must be original and produced by the student.

Invitations to the National Finals are based on the students performance in the competitive submission.   

The results of the 2024 Scenario Performance Competition and Invitations to the 2025 International Conference will be determined by using the results from the performance at the 2024 National Finals.  

The number of Scenario Performance invitations awarded to the 2025 International Conference is determined by Future Problem Solving Program International. 

What is included in the Registration Fee?
  • Scenario Performance Handbook
  • Two assessment rounds
  • Fortnightly coach catch up – via zoom
  • Access to our friendly support team 9am - 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday

For the cost of a single individual or team registration, teachers gain access to the program material and can teach the program to as many students as they wish. (However, booklets can only be evaluated if a team/individual has been registered.)

Additional registrations can be added throughout the year.

How do I get started?
  • Attend coach training
  • Register your school's participation
  • Purchase recommended publications
  • Plan your FPS year
Do students need to know the six-step problem solving process?

Although knowing the process can help students to think about the future and organise a storyline, it is not a prerequisite for Scenario Performance. 

Given that Performances must relate to one of the annual topics, we recommend that students complete background reading and research on their chosen topic.

Scenario Performance skills aligned with Education Standards

Scenario Performance skills aligned with Education Standards

The goal of Scenario Performance is to give students a creative and performance-based outlet to enlarge ideas, enrich personal style, and portray potential images of the future. In creating their Performances, students are able to develop their thinking skills and enhance their creativity through storytelling, fulfilling many educational standards.

SEE Scenario Performance in Action

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