2023 National Finals Program Cover Page

Community Problem Solving

Junior Division

CJI02 ATOMIC: About Teaching our Mothers Important Curriculum 

Every year 18 million adolescent girls give birth while they are still in school and only a small percentage of these girls finish their schooling which affects their ability to reach their potential. This project focuses on the need to provide financial assistance to young mothers as a way to enable these women to continue with their education. 

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CJ06 - The Creative Curators 

The Creative Curators discovered through research that students’ creativity is on the decline due to major factors such as too much screen time and screen time being predominantly used for watching TV and games and not for creative purposes. This is a big problem for students in grades 3-6 aged 7-13 yrs. The Creative Creators project aims to give students in grades 3-6 at St Andrew’s Anglican College the opportunity to be creative and, therefore, foster creative thinking skills, which is an important disposition to have.

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CJ05 - SPEED: Soft Plastic Environmental Earth Defence

To help the community to understand the impact soft plastic has on the environment and our reliance on soft plastics day to day, resulting in the reduction in the use and waste or soft plastic in our school community.

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CJ02 - Teach about the Beach

The Teach About the Beach project aims to help Ukrainian refugees who have settled in Sydney since the war in Ukraine about Australian beach safety. Articles and research we have read shows Australian conditions are very different and we want to help them enjoy Australian beaches safely.

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Middle Division

CMI03 Get off your screen and get outside!

Teen mental health is at a crisis point. They are addicted to a massive contributor to their own decline: their screens.
To combat this, my action plan has been aimed around creating outdoor experiences for teenagers within my local community to positively impact their wellbeing instead of
spending time separately on technology

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CM02 No Plan(t) ‘B’

Our team has identified invasive weeds as prominent threats to our ecosystem and economy. As of 2023, there are over 1750 species growing in NSW alone, and everyone, from farmers to the tourism industry, is being affected by invasive weeds. Not many people consider invasive weeds a problem that must be managed, but the fact is, they are silent killers. Nothing is there to stop them overtaking native plants. Raising awareness for this topic is essential, and involving the community will make a huge difference. We believe we can accomplish this effectively and thoroughly.

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CM03 Reducing Food Waste

This project aimed to reduce the waste produced at our school. After consultation with some key stakeholders at the College, the project decided on two solutions: the first is to compost organic waste from the College Canteen, the second was to work with the student body to reduce reliance on single use wrappers and containers. The group has engaged extensively with different staff members, groups of students (the Eco-Warriors Group) and Senior Student Leaders  and have won practical and financial support to introduce a composting  and plan to run the ‘nude food’ campaign in Term 4 of 2023. 

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CM07 CSA: Coastal Safety Awareness

Australia’s coastline is surrounded by thousands of stunning beaches. During the Summer period, Australian families spend many hours by the beach, many unaware or complacent to the dangers that the beach poses. This limited knowledge and ignorance has caused significant sunburns, stings from blue bottles and jellyfish, injuries causing life-long damage and hundreds of drownings. Our Area of Concern is the limited knowledge and growing complacency many people in our local area of the Illawarra region in NSW have about the beach, more specifically regarding beach safety. 

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CM08 Helping Hands

Youth homelessness in our local community has risen due to the increase of cost of living and economic instability in the wake of a global pandemic. Approximately 122,000 people experience homelessness on any given night in Australia in 2023. Significantly, domestic violence is the single biggest cause of homelessness. Among those who find themselves without a safe or secure place to sleep, on the streets, or couch-surfing, one-third of them are under the age of 18. Young people are more likely to find themselves homeless because of poverty and a shortage of affordable housing

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CM09 Community Cooking

In this project, our group will help the community by providing a service where we cook meals and hand them to people in need. This will help the disadvantaged population on the sunshine coast to have a full stomach for the night, knowing that they will have something to eat. There are over 300 000 people in the Sunshine Coast area, and if you are disadvantaged, it is easier to put on weight as junk food is cheaper and fresh produce is harder to access and store. We will provide healthier, easy-access meals as we want them to live a healthier life until they can get back on their feet.

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CM10 We Walk Together 

We Walk Together is a project directed towards helping the elderly community. We understand that many were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects all aspects of your family. Elderly companionship is a vital aspect of any community, and We Walk Together certainly embraces that as such. While we are only small, we wish to eventually grow into something bigger and help even more people across Australia. We know that this project will not only benefit Seniors of the community, but us, as a way to further grow connections. We believe that even one conversation may completely 

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CM11 Mental Health

Our Project is based on helping people such as young children and adults with Mental health issues. We want to think of ways on how to help them, so it does not become a super serious issue. Mental health in Australia plays a big role in the gap in children’s learning, which has become an ongoing problem that we would like to help fix. In the past 12 months, 4.2 million Australians have experienced a mental health issue. This means that eventually, more and more children and families are struggling with these problems, and it can be hard trying to find a non-expensive way to fix it and help their children.

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Senior Division

CSI01 Screen Smart

Although phones are necessary for our everyday lives and it is important to recognise that phones also come with disadvantages, including their addictive nature. This project encourage students (6-18) to foster a healthier digital lifestyle so that they can better manage their screen
time on mobile phones.


CS01 Acclimated Us 

Acclimated Us is an app dedicated to providing Australians with sustainable clothing. The fashion industry as of now both neglects transparency and ethics for profit, but consumers can change all that. Acclimated Us aims to contain purely sustainable clothing catalogues from companies, Australian and abroad, and feature functions such as a digital user ‘wardrobe’ to personalise the user experience. Recommendations will be made by using artificial intelligence, and the app will be promoted in Melbourne so that user interactions can be used to improve and develop the app. Fundamentally, it aims to increase accessibility for sustainable fashion brands for Australians in 2023 and beyond.


CS02 Beyond the City Limits

Due to a shortage of medical and well-being workers in regional areas, it is essential that school-aged regional students are equipped with the skills and interest to be able to undertake medical training to support the needs of their hometown. How might we raise awareness of medical careers for school-age children from regional/rural areas so that more regional/rural students are interested in training in medical professions in the year 2023 and beyond?


CS03 Walk till you Talk

Our team is concerned with the increasingly poor state of mental health experienced within schoolchildren in our school. Almost 40% of young Australians have experienced a mental health illness, and these issues have spiked because of social media, societal misconceptions and most notably the Covid-19 lockdown. The depiction of gender roles; mostly concerned with the ideas of “masculinity” and the inability to seem “vulnerable” also impact. Men are 3-4 times more likely than women to take their own lives whilst anxiety disorders serve as the leading cause of ill health and death in girls and women aged five to 44. The growing representation of children affected by mental health problems displays the urgency for our group’s efforts with mental wellbeing.


Future Problem Solving Australia acknowledges the traditional owners of this land. We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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