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2021 Readings, Research & Resources

$ 100.00

Research articles, terms, themes, and discussion questions for each topic. Invaluable starting point for each topic.

2021 Topic Activity Units

$ 85.00

Activities designed to teach the topic and the FPS problem-solving process.

Coaching Guide 8th Edition

$ 60.00

The main coaching manual for Global Issues Problem Solving.


GIPS is a team or individual activity in which participants research a series of global topics and learn a six-step creative problem solving process. Participants apply their knowledge and the problem solving process to address an imagined situation set in the future, called a “Future Scene.” From there, they complete a “booklet” (paper or virtual) addressing, critically analysing and solving a major issue in the Future Scene.

Why Global Issues Problem Solving?
How do I implement Global Issues Problem Solving at my school?

FPS is successfully implemented in a variety of ways - as an extra-curricular program, embedded in school curriculum from P-12 and everything in between. However you choose to run the Future Problem Solving Program in your school, the development of these skills will correlate directly with the expectations and requirements of our National Curriculum.

Training in the problem solving process is essential for coaches (teachers) in Global Issues Problem Solving. FPS Australia offers Professional Development Workshops at the beginning of each year.

How many students can be involved?

Global Issues Problem Solving can be done by individuals or teams of 4 from year 5/6 (Junior Division), 7-9 (Middle Division) and 10-12 (Senior Division).

The registration policy allows schools to be involved on a very cost-efficient basis. The cost of a single registration enables a school to teach the program to as many students as they wish. The number of booklets that can be submitted by schools for evaluation is determined by the number of registrations. Additional registrations can be added throughout the year.

One registration entitles an individual or a team to 3 submissions, one for each of three topics.

Students will research each of the designated topics for the year. Using the 6-step problem solving process they will complete a submission 3 times throughout the year which is evaluated by experienced, trained evaluators. The detailed feedback provides scores, comments and rakings to inform students how they are progressing.

Is Global Issues Problem Solving a competition?

While the value of Global Issues is the skills and characteristics students develop by practicing the six-step creative problem solving process we find students do enjoy the competitive side of the program.

Based on their performance on the third Qualifying Problem, the top 10 - 15% of Junior, Middle and Senior Australian participants registered in the program qualify to participate in the National Finals, which are held in October each year.

The champion and second-placed teams from this National Final are invited to represent Australia at the International FPS Final held in the USA in the following June.


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