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Since 1984, Future Problem Solving Australia has been helping teachers educate students of all ages to think critically, and make better decisions. 

Future Problem Solving is a dynamic international program involving thousands of students annually from around the world. 


Future Problem Solving provides educators with a framework for teaching 21st century skills.

Through comprehensive guidance and rigorous competition, FPS students are taught a set of tools which allow them critically identify problems and strategically develop viable solution plans. 

The benefits gained through participation include a focus on a range of skills:

  • practical problem solving strategies
  • critical and creative thinking
  • effective written and verbal communication
  • ethical leadership 
  • research
  • self-directed learning and responsibility
  • decision-making 
  • teamwork 
  • stimulation of students’ knowledge and interest in the future
mORE ABOUT Our Programs
Professional Development

St Joseph's College 1
St Peters Lutheran College 2

FPS is actively looking for new coaches, teams, and individual competitors, from P-12.

This student enrichments program is very flexible. I can be co-curricular, extra-curricular, extension, elective or integrated into an existing subject.

All students (P-12) are eligible to participate.

Students may participate in teams or as individuals in a any or our programs, including research-based “Global Issues Problem Solving”, or creative  “Scenario Writing,” storytelling "Scenario Performance, or real-life “Community Problem Solving” .


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Our students investigate significant issues from a diverse range of community and global topics, when they participate in one or more of our five programs:

Global Issues Problem Solving

Scenario Writing

Scenario Performance

Community Problem Solving

Primary Programs

St Andrews 6
St Andrew's Anglican College Future Problem Solving National Team


Meganne Wyatt competed internationally  in 2002.  Read more about her here.

FPS taught me that we can come up with creative ways to solve the problems that humans have created.

Meganne Wyatt FPS Australia Alumni and Evaluator

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The Future Problem Solving Program teaches students HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Getting started is easy.

Last year, FPS educators taught more than 2,000 Australian primary and secondary students how to use practical problem solving strategies in a collaborative environment. 


FPS is dedicated to providing students with skills which are invaluable to their academic and professional careers.

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Stuartholme FPS Team 2021

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